— Steph, Borehamwood

“When I first heard of Hypno-birthing I was interested in attending a course, unfortunately we could not find a course we really were keen on so approached Gary who was interested.

We had two sessions, the first Gary taught me a self-hypnosis technique, I was able to use this to allow myself to relax and get myself into my own zone. I practiced this on a regular basis and at times was so into it I thought I was asleep. 
Our next session involved my husband; Gary again taught us a technique where my husband would hold my right hand in both of his which had a calming effect on myself. 

When I went into labour I was able to lay on the sofa, dim the lights and use the self-hypnosis technique which enabled me to stay relaxed and calm and I believe I did not know I was in full labour due to my relaxed state. 
As contractions increased and we arrived at the birthing centre my husband used the second technique. Even when I was in full established labour this technique was extremely effective; we felt the difference in both my arm relaxing and my breathing slow and regulate. 
This was extremely useful and I would highly recommend it.

This was my first baby and was expecting a long labour (as you are advised), however from my first contraction to giving birth was only 3 hours 38 mins and I believe this was largely due to working with Gary.”


— Phobia client, Borehamwood

“I have always been open-minded as to alternative medicine and hypnotherapy. I met with Gary and discussed my phobia of rubber bands, unusual I know. However I have never been able to touch rubber bands much to the amusement of my work colleagues who would put them around my desk, to remove them I would use a pen as I could not bear to touch them.

Gary put me under hypnosis and after I awoke and was immediately able to pick up and touch the rubber bands that were next to me without thinking twice about it.

Since my husband has been testing me and leaving rubber bands around the house and I have been able to pick them up with my hands and not a pen or other object and put them away and not in the bin.

It is amazing how with hypnosis you are able to cure phobias and many other disorders. I felt entirely at ease, comfortable and relaxed with the experience.

I would very strongly recommend anyone try hypnosis as a way to treat any phobia, fear or concern.”

— Rachel, Hemel Hempsted


I had struggled with a hair pulling habit from a young age. My GP was no help and I had resided to live with the issue which caused me embarrassment and negative feelings. I was sceptical about hypnosis but after Gary had explained how it could help I booked a session with him to try it out. 

I am so glad I did. I now no longer suffer from my condition and I am so grateful to Gary for helping me when the medical world couldn’t. I highly recommend Gary and his hypnosis services.